September 9, 2009

Task 3.2.3 Integrating concepts

Learning in Context by George Siemens

These are some ideas taken from the PPT

  • The focus is on how different learning needs require different approaches.
  • Learning about, learning to do, learning to be, learning to transform “Know-where” is more important than “know-what” and “know-how”
  • Learning approach (Multi-dimensional, Multi-faceted, Multi-contextual)
  • Learning is a continual cycle, a process.
  • Formal learning is good for initiating learners who are new (foundation building).
  • Experience/Game-based Learning is good for real life challenges.
  • Mentoring/Apprentice Learning is good for personal, relevant knowledge/learning.
  • Performance Support Learning is good for short, focused learning.
  • Self-Learning is good for exploring areas of personal interest.
  • Community-based Learning is good for dialogue, diversity of perspective.
  • Informal Learning is good for continual, ongoing, multifaceted.
  • Schools need to transform/be transformed by a particular era/culture.
  • Provide learners with knowledge skills to learn for life.
  • Consider profile and needs of learners.

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