July 31, 2009

"My expectations"

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I have many expectations for this second part of the year, but here I will only mention the ones regarding the New Learning Environment course that I am about to begin. I expect …

1. To handle time appropriately in order to be able to send or present every task on time.

2. To take the most of the course since it is going to be an excellent opportunity to explore deeply and learn a lot about new teaching and learning trends, so today generations can work with a good attitude and autonomously to enhance their learning processes.

3. To develop complete and meaningful posts in order to influence positively the development of the forums.

4. To keep in mind concepts such as collaboration, reflection, creativity, motivation, innovation, between others, to always give the best from myself.

5. To be able to successfully apply what I will be learning or reviewing during the semeste.

Adriana A.

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